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How to connect with FTP
Shows you how to connect and manage files via FTP

How to update my server
Allows you to quickly update any service

Gamepanel overview
Gives you a quick overview of the gamepanel, its features etc.

How to reset my MySQL Password
Shows how to reset the MySQL password of your gameservers database

How to change server hostname
Goes over the steps to update your servers hostname

How to change Rcon password
Allows you to quickly change your servers rcon password

How to change my servers hostname
Lets you update the servers hostname easily

How to change starting map
Guides you through setting the default map

How to install DLL files
Shows you the process of adding DLL files.

How to fix Steam Update
This shows you how to fix the issue of your server not updating

How to reinstall my gameserver
Allows you to quickly reinstall any service

How to change my servers RCON password
Lets you view and update the rcon password for your server.

How to assign a domain / hostname / change ip on my server
Shows you how to assign a domain name like to your server

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