Get help setting up DarkRP, how to mod, manage and get the most out of your server

How to disable the default f4 menu
Shows you how to disable the default f4menu, and use your own

How to create jobs v2.6.x
A video, and text, on how to create jobs in DarkRP

How to disable client side lua scripts
Shows you how you can disable the "allowcslua" variable in DarkRP

Multiple model choices for jobs
The code to allow multiple model choices for a job

How to limit tools
Shows you how to limit tools so only admins can use them

How to rename DarkRP
A guide on how to rename DarkRP to anything, such as StarwarsRP

Premade DarkRP jobs
A collection of free, premade jobs for darkrp.

How to install DarkRP
Shows you how to install DarkRP, and setting a map

How to add custom models
This goes over how to add custom models

Money is stuck in mid air
Shows how to fix the money floating in the air

How to create donator jobs
Shows how to create donator jobs in DarkRP

How to add m9k weapons and ammo
The code for adding M9k weapons to your DarkRP server

How to add FA weapons
The code for adding FA:S to your DarkRP server

How to use MySQL with DarkRP
Shows you the steps of adding a MySQL database to your DarkRP installation

Creating a job for a single person
Explains how to create a custom check, so only you can obtain a certain job

You cannot spawn weapons
Shows you how to enable weapon spawning for admins etc.

The spawning of vehicles has been disabled. Check your DarkRP settings
Easy to fix, and lets you explorer the settings of DarkRP

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