Guides for how to manage your Minecraft server, mods and plugins.

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Make myself OP
Shows you how to add yourself to OP

How to install essentials and groupmanager
Shows you the steps to adding essentials, group manager and your first groups

How to create a new world
Shows you how to generate a new minecraft world.

How to update server mods
Shows you how to update the servers mods via the mod manager

How to enable whitelisting
Lets you enable whitelisting for your server

How to add server icon
A guide on adding a server icon

How to use a custom jar file
Allows you to upload your own jar file, and launch the server with it.

How to regenerate default server.properties
Allows you to restore the default values for the server.properties file

How to install server plugins
how to install plugins using our panel, FTP and file manager

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