How to use automatic fast download

A guide that shows you how to setup Fast DL for maps, addons etc.

All our source servers comes by default with fast download sync. However, there are still a few steps you should take, to secure your clients download your content.

  1. Login to our gamepanel & find your server.
  2. Click the button "Run Fast Downloads sync"
  3. Locate the fast download link on the gamepanel,
  4. Make sure this is set under the tab "Configuration Files" and the file server.cfg
  5. Then go to either US Generator or EU Generator depending on your servers location, and input the url above. This will generate the code needed for players to download your content.
  6. Insert the code under "Configuration Files" and the file "resources.lua"
  7. Restart the server, and enjoy.

Q: My files are not showing up in the link provided on the gamepanel..
A: You must run the sync once to get it started.

Q: You say the files sync automatically, yet they are not showing up?
A: They do indeed sync, when ever changes are made they are synced. However we did enable access to the fast download sync botton, simply click it and wait if some things are missing.


Last update: 2018-08-05 08:41:08

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