How to set server mapcylce

Allows you to set an automatic mapcycle for when the timer runs out

If you want your server to select a specific map every time it switches, heres how!

  1. Login to the TcAdmin panel.
  2. Go to "Gaming Services"
  3. Select the "File Manager"
  4. Click on the Garrysmod folder and let it load all your game files.
  5. Once in here, click the "New File" button and enter the name "mapcycle.txt" once you press create, it should open the file editor.
  6. Now simply enter in map names in the order you want them to switch through out the game heres an example:
    and so on.Save the file and click the stop button, wait 10 sec. Then press the startup button, everything should now work and use the maps you entered. Once it run out of maps, the cycle starts over.


Last update: 2018-01-16 18:37:05

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