How to enable whitelisting

Lets you enable whitelisting for your server

Follow these simple instructions, and it should work in no time. Enabling whitelist takes no time at all!

  1. Login to the control panel for your server.
  2. Once logged in go to Game Servers, and find the Default Config Files, then click on it.
  3. Once in the config editor, locate and edit
  4. Once inside the editor, find the line that state the following
  5. white-list=false
  6. Change "false" to "true"
  7. Save and exit the editor.
  8. Since your server now looks for any minecraft usernames in the white-list.txt we need to add any user that needs access to our server, to this file.
  9. Go back to overview and enter the configuration files.
  10. Locate the file called white-list.txt and edit it.
  11. Simply add any users you wish to grant access to your server to this file, in horisontal fashion as showed below. Do not add the numbers, only names and one per line.
  12. Michael
  13. Jessie
  14. Thomas
  15. etc.
  16. Save and exit the editor, and restart your server. Don't forget to add your own username!Done!


Last update: 2018-01-16 17:37:05

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