How to rename DarkRP

A guide on how to rename DarkRP to anything, such as StarwarsRP

Here's the steps you need to take, in order to make your server appear in its own category. But all in all, you are renaming DarkRP. So heres how you do it!

  1. First you install DarkRP, once you have it running as DarkRP we can move to the next step.
  2. Open the file manager and locate the gamemodes folder.
  3. Now rename the darkrp folder, to whatever you want the gamemode called. An example could be starwarsrp. (Its important to keep the folder lowercase.)
  4. After doing that you enter the folder, and locate the darkrp.txt file. This must be renamed to again, as an example starwarsrp.txt, as long as its the same as the folder.
  5. Now you should have renamed the darkrp folder, and the txt file to the name of your new gamemode. The next step is to enter the newly renamed txt file.
  6. After entering the txt file, you should find darkrp written at the top, and halfway down the page. Rename the first one, on line
  7. To the name of your folder. Rename the second one halfway down the page, to the name you eventually want your gamemode called. An example, again this could be anything would be StarWarsRP or whatever.
  8. Now save the file, and you are ready to the very last step. Enter the gamemodes folder, and edit the init.lua file.
  9. In this file locate a variable called GM.Name, in here set the same name as you did halfway down the txt file. An example, StarWarsRP and save the file.
  10. The very last step is to update your commandline, to the same name as you made your folder in this case starwarsrp.
  11. Save and restart.


Last update: 2021-02-23 13:21:41

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