No Steam account token was specified.

Goes over how to generate a steam token for your server

Steam now require that you register your server, without this token your server will not be able to boot.

  1. You MUST have a phone number set in your steam account's settings, this is the only requirement for this to work.
  2. Go to this link if you are not logged in, press login at the top.
  3. Now you must enter in the details as seen below, its pretty self explanatory but here's a screenshot.
  4. After entering in the details, a token is generated as seen here.
  5. Copy the code as seen in the red box, and enter this into your servers, server.cfg file. This can be found under Configuration Files on our gamepanel
    sv_setsteamaccount "75F5CXXXXXX5CE2XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    That is how it should appear in the server.cfg
  6. Save and restart, server should now appear online.


Last update: 2018-03-09 16:53:15

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